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Luna (Zoé Uke Cover) by Rob & Samm

A Thousand Years (Christina Perri Cover)

Mi cover de What Makes You Beautiful está a nada de llegar a las 1000 reproducciones. 


Lego House (Ed Sheeran Cover)

I think I love you better now (8)

We are never ever getting back together

(Taylor Swift Cover)

Heart On Fire (Acoustic) by Jonathan Clay

And I won’t let you go, Now you know, I’ve been crazy for you all this time.

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Aire by Golden Ganga

Está canción me recuerda a uno de los mejores días de mi vida. Camino a Santa Fé cantandola mil veces. No es mi tipo de música, pero si de él y por eso me encanta ♡

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I Wouldn’t Mind /He is We Cover

Forever is a long time.

But I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.

Tell me everyday

I get to wake up to that smile.

I wouldn’t mind it at all.



Working demo for a new song called “Beautiful Mystery” I wrote on an airplane a few days ago.

god bless airplanes

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Taylor Swifts new song - We are never ever getting back together.

Ed Sheeran - Someone like you (Adele)

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Sneaky Track #22:

Sailboats (Original Version)* | Seagull Orchestra

Download Link: [ x ]

*Note: This version is actually from a side project of Adam’s called ‘Seagull Orchestra.’ It’s like the original rough draft of the Sky Sailing song ‘Sailboats.’ A fun fact about the song, in the end of this version he says, ‘I love you Audrey Hepburn, steal your statue back and we’ll fall in love,’ referencing one of his favorite movies starring Audrey called ‘How To Steal a Million’ in which Audrey has to steal a museum statue.


Someone like you! (Adele Cover) 



Sneaky Track #16:

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (Cover) | Owl City

Download Link (by popular demand): [ x ]

oh my goodness, gracious.

Ay dios mio! Por algo será mi segundo marido. Que hermoso :’)

Someone like you! (Adele Cover)